IASTE has two vacancies for PhD fellowship application on social metabolism, GIS and the nexus

This year at IASTE we have a vacancy for a PhD student who is interested in applying for the PhD fellowship of the Catalan government (FI-DGR2015) (deadline Sept 22nd).
More info about the fellowhsip 
In IASTE we develop multi-scale integrated assessments of the sustainability within the field of social metabolism. The group is led by Mario Giampietro (ICREA professor), who will support the application of the selected candidate.

We seek an outstanding potential student interested in at least two of the following broad topics:
• GIS applications in ecology
• GIS applications in biophysical accounting
• Applied Ecology
• Applied Limnology
• Socio-eco-hydrology
• Water-energy nexus
• Energy accounting

As an international, interdisciplinary group, we welcome applications from all disciplines and countries until Thursday 18th of September at 13’00 CEST (GMT+2).

Please contact us using the form below before 18th September at 13’00 GMT+2.

The interested person should in due time enroll in the PhD program of the Institute of environmental science and technology (ICTA) of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), an international leading center in sustainability studies.

More information about ICTA and the PhD program.

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