PhD Theses

2014 Cristina Madrid Lopez. “The water metabolism of Socio-Ecosystems. Epistemology, methods and applications”
2014 Tarik Serrano Tovar. “Spatial analysis in MuSIASEM. The use of geographic information systems and land use applied to the integrated analysis of rural systems’ metabolism”
2013 François Diaz-Maurin. “The Viability and Desirability of Alternative Energy Sources: Exploring the Controversy over Nuclear Power”
2013 Oswaldo Viteri. “Evaluación de la Sostenibilidad de los Cultivos de Café y Cacao en las Provincias de Orellana y Sucumbíos – Ecuador”
2013 Arnim Scheidel. “New challenges in rural development. A multi-scale inquiry into emerging issues, posed by the global land rush”
2013 Pere Ariza. “Large-scale Renewable Energy? A transdisciplinary view on conflicts and trade-offs in the implementation of renewable energy”
2012 Nancy Guadalupe Arizpe Ramos. “Understanding Agricultural Change: Integrated analysis of the societal metabolism at different scales”
2011 Alevgul H. Sorman. “The Energetic Metabolism of Societies”
2008 Gonzalo Gamboa. “Social Multi-Criteria Evaluation in practice: Two real-world case studies”
2005 Jesús Ramos-Martín. “Complex systems and exosomatic energy metabolism of human societies”
2005 Tiziano Gomiero. “Multi-Objective Integrated Representation (MOIR): an innovative tool for farming system analysis”